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16 Aug

August 2018

We greatly appreciate the feedback that many of you have submitted, in response to the items in our July newsletter. The majority of you do support the changes we have suggested and understood the reasons why we have implemented these changes, but a good portion of you did ask us to reconsider the maximum group size of 8 per seating for Ocean and Azul.

We have approached this from a variety of ways in the past – including allowing 2 groups from the same reservation to dine at the same time but separate tables, but often the groups would push the tables together, inconveniencing the other guests at the restaurants and  leading  to the same end result that the serving of our smaller groups was delayed by the plating of the large groups – remember our restaurant dining concept  is defined by a variety of small restaurants with  intimate settings and unique menus. We do understand however that your vacation time is precious, and the dining hour is a chance for you to re-connect with family and friends that you may not see as often as you like. For that reason, we are re-introducing groups of up to 14 at these restaurants again in 1 seating, based upon availability, and will continue to review the feedback that we receive to make sure that this is working well for all group sizes. Please submit your feedback at the Contact Us Page. 

Please remember to take advantage of the pre-booking option at CCSE Dinner & Drinks Pre-Booking, we will work with the requests you have submitted to book your dinner reservations before arrival based on the available options so that your dining is secured in advance, and drinks are available upon arrival.

Thank you to all of you that have voted for your favorite dish – the Personal Chef Dinner is an exclusive Chairman’s Circle Benefit, so don’t forget to take advantage of this!

We also want to remind you of the Live DJ set at the Tower Terrace on Wednesday evenings starting at 8:30! This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of evening entertainment exclusively for YOU and V.I.P drinks in a lovely and relaxed setting – remember WE LISTEN TO YOU!