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16 Jul

July 2018

We would like to inform you of some upcoming improvements and exciting developments that we are implementing over the next few months, as you know we value you and we want you to have the best experience possible when here enjoying your Chairman’s Circle.  The Chairman’s Circle Club  has always tried to constantly improve your vacation experience and if necessary, from time to time re-evaluate present policies in order to achieve this objective, whilst at the same time keeping our stance against any abuse or misuse of the affiliation which may have a detrimental effect on its affiliates and additional affiliates. For this reason, we find it necessary and have been asked to implement the following changes:

  • Your pre-booking can now be submitted 1 month prior to arrival – as always we encourage you to pre-book your drinks and dinners, this is an excellent way of you securing what you want prior to arrival and takes a headache out of organizing once you are here. Please visit CCSE Dinner & Drinks Pre-Booking to organize this today.
  • For those that don’t pre-book there is a logistical change to your international drinks delivery, you will have the opportunity to request drinks upon arrival in the check-in process, these will be delivered to your accommodation the following day (only pre-booked drinks are available on arrival)
  • For all further drinks orders, you are invited to visit the CC concierge located downstairs in the VIP service reception of the tower, this desk is open daily until 11 am and you can request restock/top up of drinks here, once requested they will be available to you in the afternoon for pick up from the vineyard.
  • Breakfasts are changing for the Chairman’s Circle Club! We have seen a HUGE increase in those of you enjoying the breakfast at Saffron, we are very happy that you like this seasonal treat! In order to ensure we are offering you the best service and freshest food, we are now taking bookings for this breakfast, you can pass by VIP service dinner reservation desk a minimum of 48 hours prior and make reservations for this unique breakfast experience. The only thing we ask is if you had a breakfast organized for the villa that you choose either Saffron or the private breakfast so we are not wasting food by preparing breakfast twice.
  • Afternoon snacks/requests – we have listened to you and we can see that you all enjoy receiving snack plates in the afternoon, in order to make it fair across the board, we are shortly going to implement a menu from which you are ordering your snacks for delivery. This way we can ensure we are delivering to you a quality product fit for a chairman! All we ask is that you request these 48 hours in advance so we can whip you up a tasty treat!
  • Dining in Ocean and Azul, we have now decreased the maximum group size in these fine dining restaurants to 8, this is due to feedback from the large majority of the Chairman regarding the dining experience and how we can improve this, we have talked to our Chefs and also our service consultant and the consensus is a group of 8 will really experience the best that Ocean and Azul has to offer, we appreciate that you may at times travel with a group size of up to 14 and for that reason we recommend you utilize your Gourmet Grill option for groups of this size. Please help us in adhering to this policy in order to make this an enjoyable dining experience for all and understand why we are unable to make any exceptions.
  • We want your help! Mauricio and his team are about to refresh the personal chef menus and we want your votes! Shortly you will be invited to vote for your favorite dishes from our VIP restaurants and the winners will go into forming the new menu, bring the best of the VIP restaurants to your door. WE LISTEN TO YOU.
  • Ocean world tickets – for Ocean world tickets you can now call 70099 to organize your tickets, the minimum notice is 48 hours prior, these are booked on a first come, first served basis.

You may have also noticed changes in the way we are recording the information you give us, we are moving towards cloud-based systems to check you in and complete the daily visits, this is designed to minimize paperwork and maximize service, we hope you like the changes we are implementing and want to hear your ideas and feedback, please visit Contact Us Page and let us know about your stay.